Fraud Protection Policy

Ensuring the security and trust of our customers is a top priority at Enabl Life. Our Fraud Protection Policy is designed to safeguard against unauthorized activities, protect our customers, and maintain the integrity of our e-commerce platform.

1. Payment Security:

- Secure Payment Gateways: We utilize secure and reputable payment gateways to process transactions, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your payment information.

- Encryption: All payment transactions are encrypted using industry-standard encryption technology to protect your sensitive data during transmission.

2. Account Security:

- Secure Account Credentials: Customers are encouraged to create strong and unique passwords for their accounts. It is essential to keep login credentials confidential and not share them with anyone.

3. Order Verification:

- Address Verification: Orders may undergo address verification to ensure that the provided shipping address matches the billing address associated with the payment method.

- Contact Confirmation: In certain cases, our customer service team may contact customers to verify orders, particularly for high-value transactions or orders that trigger our fraud detection systems.

4. Fraud Detection Systems:

- Automated Systems: We employ advanced fraud detection systems that analyze various factors, such as transaction patterns, IP addresses, and device information, to identify potentially fraudulent activities.

- Manual Review: Our team conducts manual reviews of orders flagged by the automated systems to make informed decisions about order acceptance or further verification.

5. Order Cancellation and Refusal:

- Suspicious Orders: If an order is deemed suspicious or potentially fraudulent, we reserve the right to cancel the order and refund the payment.

- Refusal of Service: We may refuse service to customers involved in fraudulent activities or those who attempt to breach our security measures.

6. Customer Cooperation:

- Information Verification: Customers may be required to provide additional information or verification documents to validate the legitimacy of their orders.

- Communication: Timely and accurate communication with our customer service team is crucial. Customers are encouraged to respond promptly to any inquiries related to order verification.

7. Educational Resources:

- Customer Awareness: We provide educational resources to help customers recognize and protect themselves against potential online fraud. This may include tips on secure online shopping practices and recognizing phishing attempts.

8. Policy Updates:

- Changes to Policy: This Fraud Protection Policy may be updated periodically to adapt to emerging threats and industry best practices. Customers will be notified of any significant changes.

9. Contact Information:

- Customer Service: For questions or concerns regarding our Fraud Protection Policy, please contact our Customer Service team at

By using our website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to this Fraud Protection Policy. This policy was last updated on 1/12/2023.

Enabl Life reserves the right to update or modify this Fraud Protection Policy at any time without prior notice. Please check our website for the most current version.